A day of climbing and waiting for s’mores ….

This morning, we started our day with pain au chocolate and toast  before wandering down to the Tower to abseiling and climb the tower.
The children showed great resilience and set themselves personal targets, that they smashed. You should all be incredibly proud of their bravery

After tucking into giant sausage, we moved onto team challenge, where the children crawled tyres, climbed walls and dodged lava rivers to reach targets. Their some very comical moments that I’m sure your child will share with you when we’re back.

Finally, we moved onto initiative tests where the children cracked codes and worked together to problem solve

Tonight, we’re heading upto dinner to have a roast and again a surprise pudding. Yesterday, we had jam roly poly and custard.

Then we’re heading to have our campfire and s’mores for our last night treat of the visit.

Disco Night!

This morning, we started the day with croissants and the day got better and better.

We started with Camo and tracking – where the children learnt the importance of camouflage and used this skill to hide from one another to win team points. The children showed great team work and patience when taking part in this activity and you would have loved their face painting.

Next, we moved onto indoor archery and the children really excelled themselves as they listened carefully to instructions and many hit the bullseye due to their resilience and determination.

After lunch, we went to do fire lighting – which was a real treat as we were taught how to safely create a fire and the children proved themselves to be sensible and mature when tackling this challenge.

Finally, we finished our day of activities with den building and the boys and girls competed against one another to construct the most secure den. They thought about how they would survive in a storm and how they would arrange their interior to suit their needs. It was a close thing … but the boys won.

This evening, we’re heading to dinner for meatballs and spaghetti and a mystery pudding before getting our best outfits on to disco

Come back to find out what we’ve been upto tomorrow

Miss Price

A day of conquering our fears….

We woke upto a frosty start, but we were soon warmed up when we tucked into  sausage, hash browns and beans for breakfast – yum!

Then we walked to our first activity which was flying threw the air on the zip wire. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and really pushed themselves and conquered their fears and encouraged one another, which was lovely to see.

Next, we moved onto the crate challenge where they had to work together as a team to construct a tower and them support one another to climb it. Again, the children impressed us with their enthusiasm.

After lunch, we tackled vertical assault where they had to climb up a series of different things, such as tyres and ropes. The children really pushed themselves and showed great resilience and patience with one another.

Finally, we moved onto pioneering where we learnt how to tie a variety of different knots then we used these to construct a swing as a team.

Now, we’re heading to dinner to have curry – yesterday we were treated to brownies and we’re looking forward to see what our pudding is today …

This evening we’re  heading out of Ben’s house to enjoy some different sports and games

Please come back tomorrow to see what we’ve been upto ….

Miss Price

Year 4 Residential – we have arrived!

Hello all….

We’ve arrived safely and enjoyed our first day at Fairthorne. We enjoyed having a guided tour by our guide before having some down time. Next, we had our first chance to taste the delicious food – cheese and ham paninis that went down a treat and gave us lots of energy for the afternoon.

After lunch, we headed to our first activity which was orienteering. The children put their map skills to the test and had to work collaboratively to locate targets. All the children enjoyed their first challenge and showed great resilience.

Next, we moved onto low ropes, where we had  to learn to trust one another before working along different ropes which varied in difficulty. The children again pushed themselves and learnt that listening to one another is crucial.

Now we’re heading off to dinner and we’re looking forward to having fish and chips with a surprise dessert.

Come back tomorrow to find out what we’ve been upto…