Year 6 Residential Meeting (Runway’s End)

Thank you to those parents who joined us for our meetings with Joe from Runway’s End to find out more about the Year Six residential in October. For those who were unable to make the meetings or who are curious about the trip, take a look at the Powerpoint with lots of information about the location, activities and dates for the residential. Bedenham-Holbrook – Runway’s End Outdoor Centre October 2019

Wales Residential

Day 4

Today was supposed to be a quiet day for group 1…canoeing…umm perhaps not. We went from bank to bank but eventually went in a straight line and had to duck under a very low bridge! We had to change boats, stand up and paddle and get in and out for lunch.

Messing about on the river, group 2 went caving and waterfall walking. Walking down to the caves was difficult for some but were reassured by Morgan that it was safe. They all rose to the challenge and completed everything that was asked of them.. even the letterbox.

It’s a shame that it is all coming to an end although many are looking forward to sleeping in their own beds tomorrow night – as are the teachers!

Wales Residential

Day 1

We set off and had a stress free journey to Chippenham services where we stopped for a rest break and leg stretch. As we went over the bridge…it started to rain! But that didn’t stop the cheering and singing.

We visited St Fagans where we stopped for lunch and saw traditional Welsh living throughout the ages – very educational but also fascinating. Then it was off to the centre. We unpacked and found out where things were. And then for the night walk…well late evening. The rain had reduced to a drizzle. Back for a hot chocolate and cake (a regular event). Bedtime was fairly uneventful. End of day 1!


Day 2

Waking the children up wasn’t too difficult and we got ourselves ready for the days adventures. Typical Welsh weather was all around – it was raining cats and dogs however, we didn’t allow it to stop us.

Group one went up the mountain slowly as we fought against the wind and driving rain. The children rose to the challenge  but really enjoyed lunch. The route down was much quicker when they saw the minibus in the distance! The sense of achievement was great and the showers after were a welcome delight.

Group two went messing about on and in the river. Canoeing was great fun and lots of laughter was heard – except for Mrs Rattray who had to lie down in the flood at the bottom of the canoe as they went under a particularly low bridge! Pictures to follow.

The children swapped canoes during races to receive cake as a prize!

Then it was back to the centre for more delicious cakes and cottage pie! Bed time was much earlier for everyone.


Day 3

Group 1 went waterfall walking and caving.

Group 2 went up the mountain.

We will tell more of our adventures tomorrow!



Explorer Dome in Holbrook!

Recently, children in Year 5 & 6 were treated to a visit from the Explorer Dome company, which set up inside our school hall.

Image result for explorer dome

Within the giant inflated “dome” pupils had a chance to work on our Science topic – light – exploring sources of light, how light can be changed and reflected and the origins of light in our solar system.

“It was amazing – I loved it,” (Ella)

“Woah, it’s like being in a different world.” (Alfie)

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below to tell us your thoughts…

[Written by Mr Thorns]


Year 5/6 Poetry Writing at Meoncross

A small group of children were invited to Meoncross to spend the day with one of Britain’s favourite poets Brian Moses to develop their writing skills through fun tasks and stimuli. The workshop was also a great chance to meet and work with children from other local schools.

The children listened to the poet perform some of his own writing as well as work alongside him to write their own poetry using repetition and personification. At the end of the day, the children had the opportunity to buy one of his books and even get it signed by him.

It is fair to say that the children were challenged today but that their outcomes were amazing!