Friday’s activities began with a visit by Paul Vella, club coach of Holbrook Judo Club. First, the children watched a video of professional judo wrestling to get a flavour of the sport and understand some of its rules and techniques. Then, after the mandatory warm up and safety talk, they were allowed to practise.


Paul used visualisation to help the children remember some of the moves, who would have thought that Fred Flintstone and his car visited Holbrook this week! (Just in case you are asking Yabba Dabba Who?)lf

The concentration and determination of the Year 6s was clear to see and the session culminated with a “crashmat knockout.”

Friendships were cast aside as each opponent crouched in anticipation waiting to pounce. Limbs were flown in all directions (well, sort of!) and each winner stayed on. At the end of the tournament, two were ultimate victors, congratulations to Fin the Ferocious and Oscar the Obstinate!

DSCN1028DSCN1030DSCN1039 (2)DSCN1041

Thank you to Paul for sharing your time and expertise with us and helping to educate and inspire the next generation of judo players in Hampshire.

After a quick break, the pupils were off in the minibus again!        minibus-cartoon

Donation money of £110 safely tucked away, they drove through the torrential rain  towards GAFIRS on Stokes Bay. As they watched the high tide slam against the wall and waves crash over the road, one of the children made a pertinent point: they have to go out in this. It was a sobering thought for all of us.

Once inside the safety of the lifeboat station, they were able to hand over the proceeds of their cupcake sale. Both Mr and Mrs Thomas were touched by the children’s generosity and hardwork which had raised such a lot of money.

Again, a huge well done to everyone who helped make the cake sale such a success and thank you again to Keith and Joyce Thomas for making us feel so welcome.


Holbrook Goes Cupcake Crazy!

This morning, Year 6 pupils once again put on their aprons and began the day by decorating their home-made cupcakes. In true Masterchef style, they worked against the clock although not with a bald ex greengrocer, Aussie chef and rather intense voice over lady watching their every move!

Cupcakes transformed, the children were divided into two teams and set up their stalls: Team 1 were in the library and Team 2 in the hall. Weapons at the ready (well squirty cream aerosols!) they waited for their customers and to earn extra brownie points, no pun intended, they were asked to smile, smile and smile again. So they did! They greeted everyone with a fantastic welcome and their cupcakes literally walked off the tables.




Chuffed to bits, they eagerly counted their takings but it didn’t stop there because one of them had the fantastic idea of selling the cakes after school. So we did! No pressure selling techniques were needed, although one father ‘thought’ that he could cycle past without buying a cake for his daughter, ha 50p please!

So how much did they raise for Gosport And Fareham Inshore Rescue Service???

Drum roll please!

At the last count, with a few cakes left to be sold, the amazing Year 6 catering team have raised a whooping £110!!

Incredible effort, they should all be so proud of themselves, we know that every member of staff is super impressed. Teamwork, learning new skills, hard work and ingenuity (thank you Mason for the idea to use squirty cream as a topping, that was genius!) all came together perfectly.

Your efforts will literally change lives.

You see, good things do come in small packages!






Day 4 – Final full day!

Our final full day here has been great with the children yet again showing perseverance, resilience and collaboration!

Shelter building, nightlining, canoeing and kayaking were some of the many activities that the children took part in before their last dinner together and a movie night watching Mary Poppins Returns.

A text message will keep parents and carers informed of the children’s arrival back at school tomorrow.

What A Wicked Wednesday!

Year 6 pupils had yet another unforgettable day! In the morning, working in pairs, they began a mammoth cup-cake making quest, (in Gorilla class but don’t tell Miss Trenchard!) Tomorrow morning, at breaktime, pupils and staff will beable to buy a delicious, sweet treat to see them through ’til lunch. All in aid of raising money for the GAFIRS lifeboat station on Stokes Bay.

The pupils quickly realised that there’s alot more to baking than just the eating part, especially how to crack an egg without obliterating it! However, bowl after bowl of loveliness was produced and by the end of their morning, they had produced a staggering 120+ cupcakes! Masterchef here they come!





After a quick lunch, they were back on the minibus and headed to Rock Up, the indoor climbing centre in Whiteley. This trip was again twinned with Bedenham pupils and friendships from the previous day were evident. After the safety talk, the children were let loose on the 26 multicoloured climbing walls with bizarre names such as The Twister, The Stairway to Heaven and the Speed climb where you try and beat your own personal score. Initial nerves were soon forgotten and their confidence levels grew and grew after each new wall was tested. Strangers no more, they all encouraged and supported each other and although genuine fear was shown at times, perseverance and sheer determination shone through. 



The final activity was offered to those children who super impressed their teachers for a variety of reasons. Well done to Harvey, Bella, Danielle, Cody and Miss Butcher for their amazing have a go attitude! The climb? No, a sheer vertical drop to remind you of lunch!!





A big thank you to all of the staff at Rock Up for an unforgettable experience.
















Runways End – Day 3

Today, the children built rafts, orienteered and abseiled! We are very proud of the children as some fought their fears to achieve so much. (Photos slightly out of synch!)


The children showed amazing team work by communicating with each other, listening carefully to one another and congratulating those who struggled.

Meatball and pasta tonight for dinner before songs and stories by the campfire.

Fun In The Sun!

Today, Year 6 pupils from both Holbrook and Bedenham schools went to the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre in Portsmouth. Situated in Langstone Harbour, the centre offers activities for both adults and children and luckily, the sun dance worked and we were met with sunshine and calm sea.

DSCN0942 (2)

After the children had squished themselves into their wetsuits and buoyancy aids (not lifejackets I was told!), both schools were mixed up and the fun began. They were given the challenge of constructing their own rafts made from kayaks, rope and poles and then carried them into the water. There they had to work together in order to paddle in one direction (who?) and coordinate back and forward strokes at the same time. After the initial, which way is left and right dilemma, the children all settled into the task at hand. 


Once feeling much more confident, the two intrepid teams set off for deeper water. A healthy rivalry developed and they were given a fast tow by the two dinghies driven by the instructors and excited whooping filled the air. After learning to correctly steer the raft and work as a team, it was-unfortunately-time to paddle in. Their final activity, a chaotic splash and swim in the harbour. Well done to all of the children for using their fantastic colla skills and showing incredible perseverance!


Thank you to all of the members of staff at the centre for taking such good care of us.

Runways End – Day 2

Day 2 has gone well so far! Lots of teamwork, persevering and resilience has been seen today. The children have been climbing, caving and kayaking.

Miss Trenchard trusted the children to help her climb to the top and she did, even if she did feel very nervous.

After dinner this evening, the children will be taking part in a night walk in search for an animal which lurks in the forest!!!!

Slight technical hitch uploading today’s photos so watch this space!