Year 4 at Minstead… Update 3!

Hello from all in the New Forest at Minstead camp for another fun-filled-final day! Yesterday saw children feeding sheep and learning about their teeth – including the products that we use sheep for, such as in a piano! Leave a comment if you think you know whereabouts it is in such an instrument! Or which other musical instrument they are used in?!


Children have also been making felt planets from wool, placing an “earth stone” in each – earning their water beads and ‘re-use and recycle’ beads for their necklaces at the same time.


Last night saw children take part in a bonfire in the forest, using their newly constructed lanterns to light the way. Star gazing and the fabled handover of the Thengalli stick was also conducted after a heartily consumed dinner – including whole loaves of garlic bread chomped by each table! Even children who are slightly more selective with their eating have been increasingly adventurous and tried a whole range of different foods along the way.

beaulieu-1 mr-burt-tired on-the-bus-at-beaulieu

Last day today though and children have completed their final room inspections, before embarking on a trip to Beaulieu Museum and then onwards back home… Many have made massive personal steps in their development and done really well to rise to the challenges of the days away!


We hope that the HolbrookBlogs have allowed you a brief but interesting insight into life at Minstead and we are sure that the children will all sleep well on their return from their New Forest adventure!

Bye for now, from all at Minstead!

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ with updates and images from Mrs Sivier and Mr Burt]


5 thoughts on “Year 4 at Minstead… Update 3!”

  1. I met the children at Beaulieu today. They were very excited about their trip and keen to tell me all about it. Seems like I missed out on an amazing adventure. However the Museum was fantastic and the children really enjoyed riding in the pods. Glad I went!


  2. Thank you Year 4 for giving me such a great day at Beaulieu. It was lovely to hear from all of you about how much you enjoyed your trip. Hope you all sleep well tonight!!


  3. Well it’s so nice to have my big girl home and we have heard all about the animals and the trip and all how Mr Burt didn’t get his gold bead as he was the last one up! hahahah! Also, how he got stuck in a puddle and played on a wheelchair so all in all the kids have loved it and it seems the biggest kid of all is Mr Burt! hahaha! Ellie has come home and actually picked her own towel up as that’s what her duty was at Minstead – she’s even made her bed and she has grown in confidence at doing things for herself, so what a fantastic outcome for independence…

    Massive thanks to all the staff and organisations that made this a wonderful time and magical memories for our kids.


  4. I think it was really good there because the activities there were really good. There were lots of bunk beds which I thought were amazing.


  5. Hey Year 4 that trip sounds amazing – I wish I could come – the making a planet sounded great. Also so did seeing Mr Burt asleep in the chair!


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