Year 4 Minstead Celebration Assembly!

This morning, children from across Year 4 (under the careful guidance of Mr Burt) gave an assembly about their adventure to Minstead recently. The children recounted how they had journeyed into the foggy New Forest, hurdling the Ditch of Doom and the group’s encounters with donkeys,


Others told the school about their nature name necklaces (with their Latin names) and recalled the singing, dancing and passing of the great Thenga stick – much to the delight of the watching classes from the rest of the school!


Children showed a selection of their lanterns which were made on the trip ready for the bonfire the next day in the great roundhouse. They also spoke of the beads that they had earned along the way to add to their necklaces. Activities to earn these included caring for sheep, moving muck and recognising the importance of reducing waste and recycling. The “Aunt Came back…..” song was particularly eventful with children preforming a whole host of things that Aunt came back with!


Leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of the assembly (or the trip itself) as we would love to hear what you think!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


2 thoughts on “Year 4 Minstead Celebration Assembly!”

  1. The assembly was so fun we worked so hard to get our lines right and rehearsed it so many times. I really enjoyed doing it especially when we sang “when my auntie came back……”


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