Year 6 Art Gallery on the Trees Outside!

Year 6 have been inspired by British artist David Gosling who is an environmental artist. To begin with, the children used their sketching skills to create portraits of Vikings, they studied the shape, proportion and position of the facial features in order to create realistic sketches. The children then practised creating small sdscf3924culptures with clay in order to find the best techniques to mould and shape the medium.

On Wednesday 8th February, the children created their clay sculptures of Viking faces on trees in our playground. They spent time choosing the most interesting positions for their faces and chose natural resources such as leaves and sticks to replicate facial hair.

We were proud to host an art gallery for our parents where they were able to view our portraits and sculptures. They also joined in with sketching and clay work themselves and thoroughly enjoyed it. The feedback for our art gallery was extremely positive, here is what our guests said…

“It is lovely to see children enjoying themselves and learning. Some of the models are fantastic! The work on the trees outside is brilliant and the pictures are very good. Thdscf3949ere is a lovely atmosphere.”

“We were very impressed with the tree sculptures and the detail in the face sketches. A great gallery success!”

“The art gallery on the trees are amazing and should be allowed to stay up all year.”


[Written by Miss Trenchard]


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