Good Learners’ Assembly… Friday 17th February!

This week saw a celebration packed assembly with children across the school using their learning behaviours to improve their work…holbrook-character-2 holbrook-character-3

Good Learners Winners from Across the School!

Good learners were awarded certificates in assembly for collaboration, stickability and hard work in lessons across the curriculum. This included work in Maths, reading on Gothic Horror stories, superb work on the Mrs Armitage story, doughnut fractions, using tools to improve independence and even a Colla certificate for Miss Trenchard for her work in Year 6 on their artwork.

Year 6 presented their work on British artist David Gosling including theirdscf3979 clay faces and pencil shading work. This amazing artwork is on display in the Year 6 Activity area in a gallery if you want to have a glimpse at some of their efforts. Read the Blog article here to find out more too! All children in Year 6 were awarded certificates for their outstanding artwork, which can still be seen on many
of the trees in the playground too.

Children in Year 1 and 2 also presented a fantastic signed performance of “Dancing on my Own”. Led by Mr Moloney, children had learnt the actions and verses, alongside the Makaton signs throughout the singing too! It was an amazing celebration event with a super display of teamwork and collaboration. Well done to Mr Moloney and his team for a wonderful presentation!

dscf2707 dscf2709

Team Points were won by ………………………………… Image result for jess ennis olympicsEnnis-Hill! Well done to all of the children who earned team points over the past week to help their team to victory!

[Written by Mr Thorns]




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