Makaton Magic Mesmerises the Children at Holbrook!

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Children in both Key stage 1 and 2 have now started to develop their Makaton signing skills as we prepare for our ‘Colours of Inclusion day’. On Friday 31st March children will be celebrating the fantastic Inclusive ethos of our school by participating in classroom activities, a signing and singing performance and a yummy cake sale!

Pupils are invited to dress in all the colours of the rainbow and prizes will be awarded for the best efforts. We are making a plea to parents to send their child in with a donation for the cake sale from Wednesday 29th March.

It will be great for all our potential pop star parents to practise the songs at home and ask your children to show you their signing skills. Our whole school song is True Colours (Glee version) which can be found online.

[Written by Mrs Sivier and Mr Moloney]


9 thoughts on “Makaton Magic Mesmerises the Children at Holbrook!”

  1. I really enjoyed having a different school to visit that has Down Syndrome – but they worked hard on doing their signing and they were REALLY REALLY good…. actually the BEST!


    1. Yes Katie, that would be correct. Even though they have Down Syndrome and other needs, that can’t stop them from being who they are! 😀


      1. A very thoughtful comment Chaya… well done for building upon Katie’s comment as well. (4 team points)

        Keep an eye on the Blogs over Easter too!


  2. All I want to say is that this school is the BEST school in the WORLD! I really enjoy playing with my friends and like my teachers too, mostly Mr Thorns / Miss Ruchat ps: I am REALLY sorry if I spelt your name wrong Miss Ruchat.


    1. Hello,

      Thanks for your comment… it was a really good event and a great celebration of the inclusive nature of the school too. Keep an eye on the HolbrookBlogs for further updates too.

      Thanks again, Mr Thorns


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