Book Week Year Six!

During book week, Year 6 studied Anthony Browne’s Image result for voices in the parkfamous picture book ‘Voices in the Park’. Did you know that Anthony Browne is his own illustrator? This is because Browne believes a lot of the story can be told through pictures. As detectives, we searched for many clues in his illustrations to find out more about the characters.

Two of Browne’s characters wear hats and these hats represent who they are. For example the red, fancy hat belongs to a wealthy, hot-tempered character, whereas the woolly, black hat represents the sad, poor character. Year 6 created a fifth voice for the book and even designed a hat that would belong to them. On Friday, we worked in groups to dramatise the story. We wanted to portray each character correctly and thought carefully about our tone of voice, facial expressions and body language.

On Tuesday, we joined forces with the Year Six pupils from Bedenham Primary School for our ‘Federead’ where we shared our favourite books and used illustrations from published books to create our own stories. This was a great success and everybody is looking forward to doing it again soon!

On Friday, many of us dressed up as our favourite book characters and within Year Six we had characters such as: Fantastic Mr Fox, Where’s Wally, Tracy Beaker, Harry Potter and many more, even the teachers got involved!

[Written by Miss Trenchard]



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