Rainbow Inclusion Day – Sing, Dance, Include…

As part of the school’s ongoing celebration of the diversity here at Holbrook (including our recently awarded IQM inclusion mark) the school devoted an entire day to Rainbow Inclusion Day. Staff and children dressed up for the event in rainbow colours, sporting all kinds of weird and wacky outfits, while a great cake sale was held at breaktime with some of the most intricately decorated and wonderfully coloured cakes you could imagine!

Fully fuelled with delicious cake, a special assembly was then held for the entire school, where we were also joined by the Makaton signing choir from Osborne Special School in Winchester. Their school students can be seen performing here, with Mr Moloney and Mrs Sivier accompanying them!

Children at Holbrook then performed their own songs, using Makaton signing along with the lyrics…

It was a super day, enjoyed by all and which included everyone. A huge thank you also to Mrs Sivier and Mr Moloney, whose tireless work with the singing practice and signing support was appreciated by all….

……and not a crumb was left of the cakes!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


13 thoughts on “Rainbow Inclusion Day – Sing, Dance, Include…”

    1. The rainbow day was awesome. We had the best day ever! We had ccccccaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeesssssss!!

      We had sssssssssssoooooonnnnnngggggggss and sssssiiiiiiiggggggggnnnnnnnniiiinnng too! It was the craziest day eeeevvvveeer!


      1. Thank you for your comment Tyler! We’re glad you enjoyed the cake, singing and signing too!

        Well done for checking the Blogs and leaving a comment too! (5 team points)


    1. Thank you for your comment Ella, I’m pleased you enjoyed looking at the Blogs too. Well done for leaving a comment too (5 team points)

      Have a good Easter

      Mr Thorns


  1. Yes George a great big thanks to Mrs Sivier, I loved this day and I hope to join the Makaton group too – can’t wait to do it again 🙂


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