Year 6 Visit Moors Valley Country Park!

On Tuesday 16th May, Year 6 visited Moors Valley Country Park where they took part in an orienteering workshop. The children enjoyed moving around a grid using their own individual maps, not becoming confused about which direction was North and ensuring that they didn’t bump into each other!

They then moved on to reading more complex maps where they were competing against each other to find key spots around the area and to bring back the letters found in order to win! The children were then taken on a forest walk, using their maps to navigate the way. Once at the destination, the children’s map reading skills were put to the test in team relays.

After lunch, the children explored the key attractions at Moors Valley, following the play trail and enjoying what the park had to offer. The children were amazed by the Treetop Trail where they walked high through the trees and spent time appreciating the views. After a successful and fun-filled day at Moors Valley, the children will be writing their own brochures in order to persuade others to visit.

[Written by Miss Trenchard]


3 thoughts on “Year 6 Visit Moors Valley Country Park!”

    1. Thanks for your comment Jake, I’m glad you had a good time. Keep checking the Blogs for new updates too in the coming weeks!


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