Mayor Making – Team Captain’s Visit!

                         Holbrook’s Mayor Making Visit – May 2017

Did you see the Team Captains leave Holbrook? Did you notice our ‘Mayor Bear’ badges? Want to fine out more? Then, just keep on reading!

Why were we going?

Holbrook’s wonderful team captains have been given the experience to watch one of our Gosport Council members to be elected as the Mayor of Gosport. On Wednesday 17th of May 2017, Holbrook’s Team Captains (representing Holbrook) traveled with Bedenham’s Team Captains to watch the Mayor Making ceremony of Mrs Batty. How delightful…

The Ceremony:

It was very rainy by the time we got there! Muddy and wet! We all got wet! Once we entered, we noticed at the back a row of chairs set up for three schools: our federation and another school. In front was two groups, separated with a wide pathway for our future Mayor to walk through. As time went by, more and more people entered and the room was getting crowded. Did I mention the band? While people walked in, a group of music players were playing tunes to occupy the waiting viewers. I had to admit, the wait was pretty boring, but the tunes did lighten me up!


After what seemed like an hour, a small yet calming bell was run, alerting the groups to stand up, mainly our bright jumpers standing out. Waiting patiently, with our hands behind our straight backs, we saw the Mayor walking delicately in the room, followed by the previous Mayor and her relations. Approximately three hours later (after the ceremony had finished) we were treated with some drinks and biscuits and a ‘Mayor Bear’ given to us by Mrs Batty, the Mayor of Gosport!

[Written by Karen H, Dolphins]

2 thoughts on “Mayor Making – Team Captain’s Visit!”

  1. Just went onto the blogs, found loads of things I haven’t readyet.
    Can’t wait to see my one! haha!
    ~Keira F 💜


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