Trip to the Submarine Museum!

Those children not going to Wales have embarked on their own adventures this week, beginning with a trip to the Submarine Museum in Gosport.

The day began with a guided tour from a real submariner of HMS Alliance – a World War 2 era submarine. The tour was very interesting and filled with amazing places to see inside the submarine, such as the control room, the engine room, the mess (relaxing area) and the loos! We had to climb and duck through the hatches, stepping over all sorts of items on the floor and exploring what life was like for people living in a submarine.

We then spent time in the Science areas, having a go at several submarine games and then looked at what living conditions were like for submariners. We also got a look at what different submarines from around the world looked like too.

We took part in a “Horrible Science” workshop, where we tried to pressure-crack eggs, tried to not spill water and even had a cockroach race (with 2 children dressed up!)

“It was the best day ever!” (Lola F)

“I enjoyed going inside the submarine” (Amy P)

“For the first day back it was actually pretty cool” (Skye B)

[Written by Mr Thorns]


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