Wales Adventure – Update 2

Another hello from Wales!

The second day has seen children tackle a range of adventurous activities, including dam building (while actually standing in the river) and an attempt at crossing the stream using team work! The weather had just about held for such events!

Other activities have included a very windy and perilous walk through a pitch black tunnel, with only sticks to scrape the wall as a guide. Some parts were steep and very hard work indeed. Canoe group had an amazing day, seeing ducklings, cygnets, several narrowboats with friendly people and even navigated a lock along the way – great teamwork!

The weather today has been mostly overcast, with the usual splattering of showers and downpours along the way – however, all are still in good spirits and the children are taking it all in their stride, pushing and challenging themselves too! Dinner was burgers, served with cous cous and homemade coleslaw, which was devoured by all!

Tomorrow should hopefully include caving, but it depends on the water-levels following the recent downpours, time shall tell! Keep an eye on the Blogs for the next update and leave a comment below to let us know what you think! Bye for now, from all in the Welsh Valleys!

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ with updates (and pics) from Mrs Sivier and Mr Plow]


6 thoughts on “Wales Adventure – Update 2”

  1. Looks like another fun packed day. Missing you lots Harvey xx Lots of love Mum, Dad, Jack and Lilly. Xx


  2. Missing you loads Harry I hope you don’t shrink spending all that time wet. Great to see you having such a good time. Dad and Charlie send their love xx


    1. Really pleased to hear that the Blogs have been useful… Great to see so many parents checking in regularly and you can make sure you never miss a post by “following” the Blogs.

      Keep an eye out for the next update too! Thank you again for the comment. πŸ˜€


  3. I love these updates. I’m always looking to see if there’s more 😊 Really hope weather improves for you all just so you all can enjoy it that little bit more, but from the great pictures that’s not standing in your way, missing you loads Lucas and want you home but not before you have finished having fun on your adventures! 😊 Xxx

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  4. Photos look amazing, the bad weather not affected the fun. Which is what I like to see.. We are all missing u Rylee. The house is at a loss without u.. But it looks like u and the rest of yr6 are all having a wale of a time… Yay xx


  5. Love seeing the updates. Looks like everyone is having lots of fun! We all miss Harley!! The house is far too quite! πŸ˜‚


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