Wales Adventure – Update 3

Hello from Wales!

Today saw children embark on yet more outdoor adventurous pursuits, including a gorge walk and caving. Having slept soundly through the night, children were awoken by fresh bacon sandwiches to fuel their day!

Despite a little more rain (well it wouldn’t be Wales without it!) the children really excelled themselves yet again. During the caving experience, loads of children were delivered “through the postbox” – first class of course! Even when it was dark and the challenges had to be overcome, the children helped each other through and the small and large gaps deep within the caves. The waterfalls were amazing (and extremely cold) but a fantastic time was had by all.

Also today, children had the opportunity to go ‘white-water-rafting’ on their bottoms, in a full and fast flowing river. This exhilarating experience left many of them screaming with laughter – at least the staffΒ think it was laughter – and not outright terror!

Tomorrow, the adventures will continue. It seems that no amount of rain can dampen the Holbrook spirit and the children continue to enjoy their action packed week away from home.

Do keep an eye out for the next update, feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think along the way.

Bye for now, from all in the Welsh Valleys!

[Written by Mr Thorns ~ with updates from Mrs Sivier and Mr Plow]


9 thoughts on “Wales Adventure – Update 3”

  1. Looks like your all having great fun, such amazing memories you’ll all be able to look back on. Miss you lots Harvey can’t wait for Friday when you get home, enjoy the rest of the week. Lots of love Mum. Xx
    P.S Lilly is really missing you! πŸ˜‰


  2. Aww you look like you’re having an amazing time. 😊 Love these pictures, we all love you loads Lucas, can’t wait for you to tell me all about it. PS Crush is missing your hugs 😊 Xxxxx


  3. This looks amazing I’m sure Harry will come home looking like a little prune. We all miss you so much Harry. Cookie keeps going into your room to find you. Love you lots, Mum and Dad


  4. Aww you all look like you’re having an amazing time. Love the pics too .
    Roll on tomorrow though me & Abbie miss Alfie so bad πŸ˜€ & can’t wait to see him .


    1. Isabelle did this the monkey! Mum, Dad and Samantha miss you and Amber has been sleeping outside your room every night so think she is missing her play mate xx


  5. Think its a good way of letting parents know that all is good… lovely seeing all those smiling faces… Well done to all the kids who faced their fears… and well done to the teachers for all they have done to ensure a good time is had by all…… Love u dude, well missing u, see u Friday whoop whoop……..Kirstin


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