Turtles Class Assembly!

This morning, Turtles from Year 5 performed their class assembly, reflecting on their work throughout this half-term and the learning and successes along the way.

The children began by explaining their work on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” including writing diaries, using connectives and including paragraphs too.

The children also spoke about their writing, letters and ideas for a new Narnian story! This included tales about stolen skateboards, portals and new adventures into fantasy worlds!

The children also performed the 3 times tables song – to a funky well known beat! If you’d like to see the film clip visit the site here:

Well done to everyone from Turtles who presented a fantastic assembly this morning…

Housepoints this week were won by: Aderin-Pocock (Blue) = 616 points

Hawking (Red) = 364 points

Attenborough (Green) = 435 points

Turing (Yellow) = 368 points

The OVERALL WINNER for Housepoints this half-term was HAWKING which means that they can wear their own coloured clothes on the first day back… Well done to them!

[Written by Mr Thorns]


2 thoughts on “Turtles Class Assembly!”

  1. Fantastic assembly this morning, I was very impressed by the makaton choir, could you share the video on here so I can show dad?


    1. Hello,
      Thank you for the comment, it is great to see people checking the Blogs for the updates. I will endeavour to host the video on the Blogsite, however, as you’d imagine, it is quite a large update to try and post on here… I’ll investigate it though and email you if I succeed.
      Thanks again, keep an eye out for future posts from the Makaton Choir also.
      Mr Thorns


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