‘Full Force’ Poppy making!


At Holbrook our forces children have created their own support group and callDSCN1699ed it ‘Full Force’. Over the last few weeks they have been very busy making poppies out of clay and painting them. The children were inspired by the ‘Tower of London’ poppies.


We have been very lucky to have the support of ‘Get Crafty’ in Rowner who have helped to fire our poppies in their kiln to make Image result for get crafty gosportthem stronger and donated the red paint.


The children have proudly created their own memorial gardenDSCN1709 in the pond area at school. Where they have placed their clay poppies amongst the seeds that we previously planted. We are looking forward to seeing them sprout around the clay poppies sometime next year.

If you are passing by the pond area, please take the time to have a little look at their fantastic creations. Well done ‘Full Force’ you have done an amazing job on your poppies!!


Written by Mrs Pullan, Mrs Reed and Miss Brenton.

Year Six Art Gallery

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On Friday 15th December, Year six hosted their own art gallery. They spent the morning sculpting clay faces of Ancient Greek Gods and monsters, such as Medusa and Cyclops.

In the afternoon, the children showed the Year Three children around, talking about the art skills they have recently learnt. When the parents and carers arrived, the children taught them sketching and clay skills which the adults thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, it was a successful art day! Well done Year Six.

Aderin-Pocock Team Day

Well the BLUE team did it again!

When Mrs Landon arrived back from wherever she had disappeared off to,she was amazed to see everyone working so hard on their creative activities. There was a calm industrious feeling in all the classrooms with children (and adults) all making glittery stars, pine cones and bows so that Aderin-Pocock’s hoops look like a ‘Winter Wonderland’.

Please enjoy them when you come into school to join in our Sing-a-long at the end of term.

The children also learnt how to sign the song too. All in one short morning – how amazing are they?? And the wonderful Mr Moloney was too; singing, dancing and signing all the way through.Mr Burt and Mrs Archer did a fantastic job of tidying up afterwards – ably helped by Alisha and Ruby… you wouldn’t have known anything had been going on…well almost (our classrooms might still be glittery in May!!). A huge thank you should go out to Mrs Shephard and Mrs White who were last seen putting the hoops together..patience of a saint comes to mind!

Not only did the team produce some fantastic artwork and learn how to sign a new song, they also had to contend with a fire practice! They all left the building in a quiet sensible fashion with little noise. This was quite an experience as most people were not where they would normally be but were still able to line up outside quickly and quietly. Well done all.

A big thanks and a pat on the back to all those in Aderin-Pocock – yet another very successful team morning.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas – have a great time over the holidays…not long left!

[Written by Mrs Landon]

A Christmas Carol by Year Five and Six

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Year Five and Six created a ‘play in a day’ with help from SPLATS Entertainment company. We made props, learnt lines and rehearsed four separate scenes of the famous story ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. Some of us took turns in playing the grumpy, old miser Ebenezer Scrooge as he was taken by three spirits to his past, present and future.

All of the teachers were impressed by the maturity and professionalism of the children as they perfected their final performance which they showed to the Year Three and Four students.

They received a huge round of applause and lots of positive praise by all of those who worked with them and watched the play. They all looked amazing in their costumes too!

Pantomime Visits Holbrook ~ Jack and the Beanstalk!

This afternoon, Jack, the Giant and his wonderful mother Dotty visited Holbrook for a Pantomime afternoon of fun filled madness!

Children were entertained with Pantomime dancing, singing and the wonderful Muriel the Cow! Singing along with the “Bravery Song” and “Muriel’s Song” the children were captivated by the performance, getting the school ready for the Christmas celebrations.

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