Good Learners Assembly ~ January 19th 2018

This week, children across Holbrook received awards for their hard work in  subjects across the curriculum. A big thank you to all of the parents who came along to good learners today, to make the event even more special for the children.

This excellent work included perseverance in Maths working with averages and solving problems, labeling skeletons in Science, improving their handwriting and concentrating exceptionally well in lessons.

At the same time, other children were awarded certificates for their reading at home…

Bronze Reading Awards were given to: Daisy C, Asha J, Reagan R, Abbie K, Aleesha G, Ben C, Chrissie F, Ruby-A S, Harvey Y, Samantha P, Aidan R, Cameron T, Ollie B, Ashton K, Jayen, Rebecca and Serenity A. Great work!

Silver Reading Awards were given to: Emily C, Frankie H, Tobias H, Mehmed M, Katie B, Jacj J-L, Abigail G, Apryl O, Declan S, Josh S and Kevin W! Well done!

Gold Reading Awards were presented to: Lauren P, Logan L, Katie B, Mia W, Alice, John N and Ryder J. Superb effort!

Platinum Reading Certificates (our highest award) were presented to: John N and Leighton W. Incredible work!

Well done to everyone for their hard work this week!



Housepoints this week were won byAttenborough (Green) = 536 points

Aderin-Pocock (Blue) =  498 points

Hawking (Red) = 520 points

Turing (Yellow) = 434 points

[Written by Mr Thorns]

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