Fairthorne Update Number 4!

Hello from Fairthorne

We all woke up to blue skies and sunshine this morning which made a nice change after the rain. First activities were the crate challenge and vertical assault course. The assault course was great, and lots of us managed to reach the top which was no means feat. The crate challenge was good too and lots of us conquered our fears and stood on at least 8 crates.

Despite the torrential rain at lunchtime we spent an extra session in the sports hall playing games and then the final activity was the blind trail. A muddy walk through the woods with blind folds on which involved a lot of trust between each other.
Tonight, after roast chicken, it will be the campfire and then packing bags before bed. A cup of hot chocolate and a story and then a good night’s sleep before we come home tomorrow.

Do feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the Blogs… they are being viewed by so many of you, making them really worthwhile. We hope they are of use…

Bye for now, from all at Fairthorne!

[Written by Mrs Dudley and Mr Thorns]

5 thoughts on “Fairthorne Update Number 4!”

  1. Thank you so much for all the updates! It helped put my mind at rest and I actually found myself getting up in the morning and looking forward to seeing what they had got up to! They all look like they had a fantastic time. We also received our postcard yesterday which made us chuckle! Well done Oscar and all the kids for taking on the challenges and having fun with them! See you soon x


  2. It would seem, despite the miserable weather, everyone has had an amazing week away. The blogs are great to read, an insight into the experiences the children have enjoyed. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.


  3. Loving the blogs. Would liked to have seen more photos of Alfie. Just hope there’s lots more photos that we can see when you come back 😊 Looks like they’ve had an amazing time, fantastic opportunities for them all to do what they’ve done. Think I may book in for a week myself lol! Can’t believe how quick the week has gone for them. Looking forward to seeing them all today with their stories. xx


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