Abseiling and campfire sing a longs

DAY 4 – what an incredible day!

The children were eager to get the day started today so we walked up to breakfast through the frost, and were pleased to find pain au chocolate waiting for us to give us plenty of energy for the day.

Today, we had plenty to keep us busy as we had Land Ecology, ( which involved bug hunting) and games in the morning and climbing up the tower and abseiling in the afternoon. It has been wonderful to see them pushing themselves and celebrating their successes. They really have surprised themselves with just how capable they are and we hope they come back with this resilience to try new things when they come back to school.

Later, we settled down to a delicious roast and apple crumble and custard. Then our leaders, Archie and Dave led us to our campfire – which was amazing. The children loved this experience as they sang songs, toasted marshmallows and watched the embers dance in the sky as they relaxed and shared memories of their time at Fairthorne.

The children are looking forward to their last morning here at Fairthorne. Come back to see our final blog tomorrow

Miss Price, Mrs Sivier, Mrs Ingledew

Day 3 at Fairthorne Manor

resized_20190123_111518[1]resized_20190123_134631[1]resized_20190123_140930[1]resized_20190123_152411[1]resized_20190123_154529[1]resized_20190124_111049[1]resized_20190124_135043[1]resized_20190124_152840[1]Today started with croissants after a chilly walk to the dining hall.  We certainly needed our thermals today as it was particularly frosty as we looked out over the fields. From the minute the children woke up, it was clear that the disco was on their minds as they walked to the dining hall humming their favourite songs.

We were in for a real treat today as we took part in the following activities: camouflage tracking, den building, fire lighting and indoor archery. The children were in awe of the fire lighting and hopefully in the future they might have the chance to use these skills with your help. We continue to be wowed by the children’s resilience and patience as they gain more and more confidence in trying new things and they are becoming increasingly independent.

This evening, we enjoyed pasta Bolognese, followed by jam roly poly and custard. Yum! Then we eagerly went back to Ben’s House to get on our dancing shoes to dance the night away. The children, as always, showed off their amazing dance moves. The children then finished their evening by relaxing with biscuits and squash ready for bed.

Come back tomorrow to see what we’ve been up to…

Miss Price, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sivier, Miss Robertson & Mrs Derrick

Zip wires, low ropes and curry for tea

DAY 2 –

Another great day at Fairthorne – we had a great nights sleep and we started our morning with a cooked breakfast to take on our new challenges.

We wrapped up in our warmest accessories, and set off to our activities. Today, we had a go at the crate challenge, pioneering, vertical climbing, the zip wire and low ropes. Our overall favourite was the zip wire as we took in the beautiful views of Fairthorne as we flew through the air and screamed with joy. The children continue to impress us with their willingness to try new things and as a result they have exceeded our expectations.

This evening we were treated to curry – it was delicious. Then we went back to Ben’s House where we enjoyed some down time. We’re hoping to get a good night’s sleep so we’re ready for another busy day tomorrow.

Come back tomorrow to see what we’ve been up to…resized_20190122_092447[1]resized_20190122_092746[1]resized_20190122_133054[1]

Day 1 at Fairthorne

We have all settled in brilliantly and have embraced our new surroundings. After our whistle stop tour around Fairthorne with our guides, David and Archie, we were led to the dinner hall for our first taste of the food. We were not disappointed, as we tucked into tomato soup and paninis. As it was so delicious, we decided to browse the menu to see what’s coming up throughout the week. Keep coming back to see what we are tucking into… You’ll be so envious!

Next, we split into our two groups and were led  to our activities for the afternoon. We eagerly took part in low ropes, initiative tests and pioneering. The children were enthusiastic and persevered with their new challenges and we were incredibly proud of how they collaborated and supported one another. We can’t wait for the children to take to the zip wire soon and hear the screams as they soar through the air.

After fish and chips, we went on a night walk with torches and walked around the camp site, before returning to base to have hot chocolate and biscuits. The children are eager to find out what we will be doing tomorrow evening.

When we got back to Ben’s House, we settled down to write a little something to our loved ones back at home, so  keep your eyes peeled for a delivery over the next couple of days. resized_20190121_185550[1]
Come back tomorrow to see what else we have been up to…

Miss Price, Mrs Sivier and Mrs Smith