Activity Week – Day 5

This morning we are busy cooking. We are going to have a mini party this afternoon where we get to eat some of the food we make. So far, we have made pizza and chocolate chip cookies!

We took turns spreading tomato sauce onto pizza bases and sprinkling cheese… It turns out we like our pizzas very cheesy!

There’s lots of science in cooking that we hadn’t realised! Cheese and chocolate melts with heat which causes it to change it’s shape. We know there are some changes of state that take place when heat is applied that can be changed, like ice melting. That is a reversible change. But cooking is an irreversible change meaning that we can’t change the ingredients in cookies back into their original forms once they’ve been cooked.

Cooking involved teamwork as well as science. We are looking forward to tasting our creations!


By Mrs. Derrick

Activity Week – Day 4


This morning we made popcorn! We took it in turns to make batches. We flavoured it with melted butter, salt and sugar. We wrote up the instructions of how to do it, and we’re going to eat it when we watch a movie this afternoon.

“It was epic!” Oskar.

“It was yummy.”Mason.

“There was a lot of melted butter on the popcorn.” Hayden.


Later on we played an epic game of The Floor Is Lava with equipment. We had to work as a team to get everyone through the obstacle course.

“It was a real team game!” Oskar.

“It was really fun trying to get round all of the obstacles!” Kieran.

“We had to work as a team and keep going.” Mason.




Activity Week – Day 3


This morning, we have been creating our own board games. We have researched board games using the internet to see the designs, and we have also played games to get an idea of features we like (like miss a turn) and would like to put in our own. We used the laptops to collect images which we then printed, cut out and stuck on. We created our games on big pieces of sugar paper. Then,most importantly, we tested them out to make sure they worked. We could make changes and fix any problems as we went.

We have all had a go at playing each other’s games and they’re all great!

Activity Week – Day 2, Part 2


This afternoon we made tie-dye T-shirts! We used blue, red and yellow dyes. We tied up knots of our T-shirts using elastic bands. They ended up looking very small and a bit like strange creatures. We very carefully mixed the dye (using maths and science skills and knowledge to explain the process) and then even more carefully soaked the tied-up T-shirt creatures into the buckets. Mrs. Derrick is going to take them home and wash them. We are very excited to see how they turn out!


Once we had tidied up, we had a go at creating our own version of the sea shanty What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? We changed the words to What Shall We Do With A Grumpy Teacher? Take a look at the words and sing along!



Mrs. Derrick