Clownfish – Spring 2

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to school after a soggy half term. I am looking forward to the first signs of spring and some nicer weather.

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Year 6 Spring 2 Newsletter…

Dear Parents and carers,

Welcome back to school after a soggy half term. I am looking forward to the first signs of spring and some nicer weather.

Last half term was very busy after the Christmas break. Year 4 children were amazing ambassadors for the school on their residential at Fairthorne Manor, they were adventurous and keen to try lots of new things whether it was abseiling or carrot and coriander soup! Year 6 wowed their parents with some excellent monster dance and their gruesome Frankenstein writing. Year 2 showed their charitable nature and held a sale for ??? following their work looking at life in Kenya raising £nnnn. Year 3 were exploring life at Hogwarts and producing some excellent newspaper articles and diary entries written as either a witch or wizard. Some even tried to write as Draco Malfoy. Meanwhile, Year 5 have been exploring what it is like in Space and writing some haikus about getting old! They are well worth a read. Year 1 have been busy learning about African animals and enjoying the drum workshops along with the Year 1 classes at Bedenham. Finally, Year R have been celebrating Chinese New Year and enjoying ordering meals at their in class Chinese take away. They have been practising their chop sticks skills too!

This half term promises to be just as busy! Please enjoy the newsletters blogs to read more about what your child has been getting up to and what is coming up for them this half term.

I look forward to seeing lots of you in school again this half term, your support is very important to your children.

Mrs Zoë Dudley

Head of School.

Welcome back after our half term holiday where I hope everyone enjoyed the rest from all the hard work we have completed so far in a very busy start to 2018.

We ended the half term with our ‘Monster afternoon’ which despite the cold, we all enjoyed. As one parent wrote, “It’s nice to see them smiling and enjoying themselves. Always a pleasure to be invited into school.”

We start this half term with Book week during which we hope that you will be able to join us for the ‘Tea and Read’ on Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm. This will give you (and the children) time  to share favourite stories whilst having a cuppa! Another exciting event during Book week was our visit to Bedenham school to meet the author, Guy Bass. This gave the children the opportunity to discuss how he creates his books and where he receives his ideas.

Maths will continue to cover the curriculum and working hard on applying their mathematical knowledge. Please do practise the times tables with your children as it has been proved how important it is for the children to know these fluently. It is not just knowing them in order but also being able to use connected facts eg if I know 3 x 2 = 6, I also know……

Within English, the children will be writing newspaper articles about the amazing tightrope walker Philippe Petit. They will research the aerialist to support their writing and will be amazed by his death-defying stunts. Alongside their English, they will be reading the book Boy in the Tower and linking themes and symbols with other books that they have read.

After a very successful Tag Rugby coaching by Mr Gander last half term, we will now be developing our tennis skills alongside orienteering – so they can find the balls when they have hit them too hard!! PE is on a Monday and Wednesday so please ensure that their PE kit is in school.

On Thursday 1st March 2018, we’ll be holding a Parent meeting to explain more about the SATs process and what will be expected of the children. You will be able to see some past papers and we can give you some hints of how to make this as a stress-free occasion as possible.

On Thursday 8th March 2018 at 3.30pm, there will be a Sex and Relationship Education meeting for parents. During this time, we will share the resources that we use when presenting this programme so that you can discuss any questions that you may have. This will be held in either Dolphin or Orca Class.

We will also be holding a Wales meeting in the next few weeks.

As the last half term was so short, we will be continuing to cover Mountains in geography, Sound in Science and developing a Kendal Mint Cake style for people to eat while climbing those cold mountains!

Maths and Reading boosters will continue during this half term. They will run from 2.30 until 3.15 on a Wednesday and we would really appreciate it if the children who have been invited, do attend. They have been put in place to boost the children’s confidence ahead of the SATs.

Just a quick reminder:

  • Homework is handed out on a Friday, to be handed in on the following Wednesday
  • Daily reading for at least 10 minutes. Remember to have your book signed
  • Practice your times tables and related facts.

Thank you again for your continued support – we really do appreciate it as I am sure your children do too.


Monster Afternoon

Our ‘Monster Afternoon’ got off to a very scary start with Year 6 changing into monster movers. Both classes danced in front of their parents frightening most if not all of them! There are some very talented gymnasts who seem to make back walkovers seem incredibly easy whilst others pulled particularly zombie-like faces. With the decorated masks on the back of their heads, the whole effect would have gone down well in any monster movie. Well done all and many thanks to Mr Plow for choreographing the whole thing.

Once our hearts had returned to normal, the classes split with Dolphins leading their parents off to share the stories that they had written about Frankenstein. Along with the gruesome instructions on how to build their own monsters, the children read with great enthusiasm using the tone of their voices to make it sound even more frightening.

While Dolphins were in the warmth, Orcas were outside in the sun (with a chill factor of at least -30 degrees – or at least it felt like it!), showing off their rugby skills. It is amazing to see how far both classes have come on. Some of the children have shown a particular aptitude to the game and possibly there could be some future England players amongt them?? After a while, both classes swapped much to the delight of the parents! A big thank you to Mr Gander who had given up his free time to come in and coach – he did a brilliant job.

Thank you so much to those parents who were able to join us on yet another very successful afternoon. As one parent said, ” Really enjoyed the show, all the children looked as if they were really enjoying themselves.”

We look forward to seeing you again during Book Week.

Aderin-Pocock Team Day

Well the BLUE team did it again!

When Mrs Landon arrived back from wherever she had disappeared off to,she was amazed to see everyone working so hard on their creative activities. There was a calm industrious feeling in all the classrooms with children (and adults) all making glittery stars, pine cones and bows so that Aderin-Pocock’s hoops look like a ‘Winter Wonderland’.

Please enjoy them when you come into school to join in our Sing-a-long at the end of term.

The children also learnt how to sign the song too. All in one short morning – how amazing are they?? And the wonderful Mr Moloney was too; singing, dancing and signing all the way through.Mr Burt and Mrs Archer did a fantastic job of tidying up afterwards – ably helped by Alisha and Ruby… you wouldn’t have known anything had been going on…well almost (our classrooms might still be glittery in May!!). A huge thank you should go out to Mrs Shephard and Mrs White who were last seen putting the hoops together..patience of a saint comes to mind!

Not only did the team produce some fantastic artwork and learn how to sign a new song, they also had to contend with a fire practice! They all left the building in a quiet sensible fashion with little noise. This was quite an experience as most people were not where they would normally be but were still able to line up outside quickly and quietly. Well done all.

A big thanks and a pat on the back to all those in Aderin-Pocock – yet another very successful team morning.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas – have a great time over the holidays…not long left!

[Written by Mrs Landon]

Maths Morning – from Mrs Landon!

Maths Morning Thursday 30th March 2017

Who knew we had so many clever mathematicians at Holbrook Primary School? Well, we certainly found out during our Maths morning on Thursday.

The children had hand written some very neat invitations asking parents and carers to come in and share ‘how we do maths these days’…. and what a turnout we had! Image result for maths

Some of the teachers spent a very quick half hour showing the parents the different strategies and methods we use to help children understand maths and number system and why we teach their children these methods. I think I could say quite confidently that some parents went away understanding much more how it has changed since we were at school and how they can help their children more at home. Many, many thanks for the show of support – we were slightly surprised but thrilled to see so many of you.

Once this had finished, the parents made their way into class and joined their children as part of the lesson. There was a lot of problem solving going on which certainly challenged some of the adults (teachers included) as well as the children. As usual, there was a lot of talk between everyone which is to be expected when discussing problems and hearing the mathematical language being used was an added bonus.

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