Year 5 Spring 2 Newsletter

Welcome back to another fun half term in year 5! It certainly promises to be an exciting one, with our trip to Hampton Court Palace on the 16th March and Up for it Juniors coming to visit school on 21st March to discuss university options.

Our lead topic this term is History where we will be focussing on the Tudors and how they came to power through battle and feud.  We will find out what Henry VIII was like as a king and why he had so many wives.  We will explore what life was like for the Tudors and how it is different from our lives today.

The history theme will loosely follow into our English learning where we will be exploring the play Romeo and Juliet.  We will explore the main themes within the play and be writing some balanced arguments about whether Romeo should have been banished for his actions.  In Guided Reading we will also be looking at Macbeth, another Shakespeare play, to be able to compare the stories and see how amazing they are.

In music on a Thursday, we will be practising our singing techniques by exploring the story of The Tempest (another Shakespearian master piece).  We will be reading the story through song and using our voices to express emotion.

PE will also have a Tudor feel.  We will be exploring Tudor dance and using body movements to express a story.  The inspiration for this dance unit is the portraiture of the Tudor era.   We will still be outside on a Thursday though, so please ensure that you have warm clothes and appropriate footwear.

We hope that you are looking forward to this term as much as we are!

Year 2 Autumn Term 2017 – Clownfish class have been going wild!

A Note from Mrs Dudley:

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Year 4 Explore the Lost Thing Book!

Children have been working on hard on the book ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan. The story is about Shaun who enjoys collecting bottle tops for his bottle top collection. One day, while collecting bottle tops near a beach, he discovers a strange creature. This creature is referred to as “The Lost Thing” by the narrator.

The author has described The Lost Thing as a combination of an industrial boiler, a crab, and an octopus and we have encouraged the class to select adjectives to go with nouns and adding verbs for movements when they have describing an image of The Lost Thing:

A good description was: ‘The lid was spiky and the machine’s legs were yellow as rotten teeth!’

As the class has read through the book we have also focused on emotions of the characters featured in the story and the class has been developing their skills into describing how the characters feel by using the striking visual images featured in the story and short film.

This is one of the final scenes and the children having built up their writing skills, the children wrote a description of what was happening such as: ‘Back I stepped from the door, I felt sad for the Lost Thing because he can’t see me any more as the door closed.’

Great work Pelicans on this interesting book.

[Written by Mr Blows]

Growing Plants in Year 5!



As we have been learning about plants in Science, some of the children wanted to grow their own plants from seeds.

First, the children collected plant pots and seeds from the Science cupboard and then we headed to our local pond to retrieve some left over compost from our spring planting.

Next we filled our pots with compost and created a tunnel for our seeds in the soil. As we had been looking at roots we chose a clear cup to plant our runner bean seeds, so we could observe the root growth.

Eventually we covered the seeds with compost, watered and waited until after half term to check the development.

Written by Mrs Franklin