Book Week

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Wow! What a week it has been. We have spent the week celebrating books and exploring new authors. Each class has based their learning around a wordless book, exploring the illustrations to find the meaning of the story.

We have bought new books, dressed up as book characters and even met authors. This week we really have all put a lot of effort into reading for enjoyment and long may it last!

We would like to thank our parents who joined Ks1 for a book and breakfast and Ks2 for an afternoon tea and read. It was lovely seeing the children share a good book over a cup of juice and a biscuit. Here is what some of our lovely visitors said:

“It was lovely to come into the classroom and hear my child read. Nice opportunity to see inside Alice’s classroom. Good idea!”

“It was lovely to be able to enjoy some time in school with the children. Great to interact with the teacher and the children – 5 star!”

“Very welcoming. Nice to spend time with the kids. Great biscuits and squash .”

Our book challenge this year was to build a book in a box and by Friday, our hall was filled with them. A lot of thought, time and creativity clearly went into showing favourite characters and settings from the children’s chosen books. Well done to our winners: Indi, Oscar, Georgie, Jessica, Leon, Jazzmine, Donna, Alisha, Ella-May, Ollie and Xander!

Our assembly was quite extraordinary on Friday with a hall packed with princesses, superheroes, wizards, villains and even our very own dictionary! The teachers took their time to have a good look at the characters and choose a winner from each phase. Well done to our winners Tyler, Katie and Holly!


Magical Stories with Mythical Creatures

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On Thursday 22nd February, Year 4,5 and 6 took part in a mythical afternoon. Holbrook Primary School was lucky enough to have been chosen by the National Literacy Trust to promote reading for pleasure and so the children took part in celebrating authors and stories about magic! The children guessed the mythical creature using their inference skills and created their own creatures and poems about unicorns in the afternoon. Each child chose their very own book to take home and read – the smiles on their faces was the best part of the day!


Year 5 and 6 Visit to Bedenham to see the one and only …………. GUY BASS!

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 were invited to Bedenham to meet Guy Bass, who is the author of the popular StitchHead and Spynosaur series. The children were eager to meet Guy and in the morning we prepared questions that we could ask him.

 From the minute we arrived, the children were mesmerized by Guy Bass as he talked about how he became a writer and there were many comedy moments as he shared with the children pictures of his youth and explained that he always wanted to be a dinosaur when he grew up. Guy was an incredible comedian and actor and had the whole audience roaring with laughter as he told jokes, shared stories and acted out his childhood.  

If this wasn’t enough, we then listened to Guy reading an extract from Spynosaur. Again, we were fascinated by his fantastic storytelling as he was joined by a volunteer from Bedenham, who dressed up as a dinosaur and the children sat back and enjoyed a performance of his work. The acting was amazing and I am sure the children will enjoy telling you all about the impressive roaring, acting and singing by Guy and the volunteer from Bedenham. 

Finally, the children were provided with an opportunity to ask Guy questions. The children asked some very thought provoking questions and made the most of this experience. Before we headed back to school, the children were able to buy a book and Guy signed the books. We hope the children enjoyed their experience with Guy and they continue to read and enjoy his books for years to come. We hope the children are inspired and continue to read for pleasure!

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Miss Price and Miss Ruchat


Year Six Reading for Pleasure

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As we have been celebrating book week, Year Six have been focussing on reading for pleasure. We have explored our favourite authors, genres and illustrators by sharing our chosen books. We swapped books and swapped again to read a new author and a new style of writing to encourage us to explore a variety of books when reading. We shared our favourite stories with each other and explained the characters, settings and plots and the reasons why these books were our favourites. We know that good readers become good writers, just like Guy Bass!



Year 6 Spring Term Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

After a packed last couple of weeks at school, I hope that you all had a restful and happy Christmas and that your children are looking forward to being back in school and starting the new term with enthusiasm.

The children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 performed fantastically in their nativity show at the end of last term, they all joined together to make a great end to our Autumn term. There was plenty of talent to be seen at the first “Holbrook’s Got Talent Show” too and those who performed did so with enthusiasm. Well done to all of those who took part, you impressed everyone watching.

There is plenty of other talent on show around the school as well; the Year 2 NASA space buggies in the library and the Year 6 clay faces art gallery demonstrate the wide range of talents which your children impress us with on a day to day basis.

This term, we look forward to welcoming another Olympic athlete to inspire the children and some cross School activities with our Federated school, Bedenham. Look out for more details in your child’s Year group blog.

Happy New Year to you!

Mrs Zoë Dudley                                                                    Mrs Tracy Potter

Head of School                                                                     Executive Headteacher

Read on for Year 6’s Newsletter!

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Year Six Art Gallery

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On Friday 15th December, Year six hosted their own art gallery. They spent the morning sculpting clay faces of Ancient Greek Gods and monsters, such as Medusa and Cyclops.

In the afternoon, the children showed the Year Three children around, talking about the art skills they have recently learnt. When the parents and carers arrived, the children taught them sketching and clay skills which the adults thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, it was a successful art day! Well done Year Six.

A Christmas Carol by Year Five and Six

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Year Five and Six created a ‘play in a day’ with help from SPLATS Entertainment company. We made props, learnt lines and rehearsed four separate scenes of the famous story ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. Some of us took turns in playing the grumpy, old miser Ebenezer Scrooge as he was taken by three spirits to his past, present and future.

All of the teachers were impressed by the maturity and professionalism of the children as they perfected their final performance which they showed to the Year Three and Four students.

They received a huge round of applause and lots of positive praise by all of those who worked with them and watched the play. They all looked amazing in their costumes too!