Sea Otters Class Assembly ~ Friday 6th July

This morning, the whole school watched Sea Otters’ class assembly on their activities and successes throughout the year. Live from the “This Morning” studio, the children interviewed Henry VIII as well as discussing their work on Johanna Blasford. The children also sang campfire songs reminiscing about their time visiting Bedenham school on a camping trip.

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During the assembly, children also presented a “Masterchef” style activity from their work on energy bars too.

The children spoke clearly adding a touch of humour along the way. Well done to everyone in Sea Otters for their hard work and determination to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Armed Forces Day!

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On Friday, the whole school celebrated ‘Armed Forces Day’. The children dressed up as various military personnel along with scouts, cubs, beavers, rainbows and brownies. It was amazing to see how much effort had been put into their outfits, a big well done to you all.

We started the day with an assembly from Naval Families Federation – NFF, who gave us all a little in site to military life and how this can impact on children.

Throughout the day the children took part in many team skills and learnt lots of knew skills.

1 – Minefield team activity

Children had to work in groups using their communication and listening skills to brave the minefield. The children had to guide their blindfolded colleague through the minefield without exploding the bombs. Things were definitely heating up and I believe there was even a little bit of competition between Mr Thorns and Mrs Dennett.

2 – First aid challenge

A representative from the Royal Navy very kindly came to offer some tips on dressing wounds, applying slings and making emergency stretchers from sheets. The children were able to identify their team mates injuries and quickly get them bandaged up and carried to our makeshift field hospital. There was some very interesting injuries from Shark bites to broken ears, but all teams worked very well together to ensure minimum fatalities.

3 – Den building

After their plane crashed and the children were stranded in a deserted Jungle they had to work as a team to survive. The children had forage through the jungle to find as many resources as they could before building a shelter big enough to protect them from the incoming ‘Storm Smith’. We were very lucky to have Talia Reed from the Royal Navy Reserves in to help and she shared her skills in knot tying to support the den building. There were a few interesting strategies being used and it was especially nice to see that some of the girls were able to get their picnic blankets inside before the storm hit. Once the time was up their dens were tested of their effectiveness and there was a few soggy children by the end but all in all some amazing dens.

4 – Advertising.

After watching some of the armed forces recruitment videos, the children split into teams to share their persuasive ideas on how to recruit someone into each of the forces. With a little bit of ‘action’ the children were able to create some of their own recruitment videos. There was definitely a few Steven Spielbergs amongst the groups and lots of videos to share.

Despite the day being very hot, there was an energetic atmosphere combined with a team ethos throughout. It was fantastic to see all of the children working together and mixing across year groups.

Thank you to everyone for their support and amazing effort throughout the day.

Overall it was a fantastic day and we look forward to a second instalment next year???

Written by Mrs Pullan.

Jackson Pollock Art Gallery


Year 2 have had a very busy half term looking at the art works of Jackson Pollock. We have explored colour mixing and different methods of painting. The children recreated there own pieces of art by flicking, spraying, splashing, blobbing and drawing (We got very messy). Year 2 decided they wanted to create some memorabilia from their art work and designed their own Jackson Pollock inspired ceramic plates.

Using our colour mixing,


Clownfish were able to use this style of painting and re-create the seasons Pollock style.

The children were so proud of all of their art work, which was fantastic, that they organised an art gallery for their parents to view all of their work. To prepare for this the children even baked Pollock style shortbread.

It was lovely to see so many parents turn up and our young artists sharing their work.

Well done Clownfish

Written by Mrs Pullan

Activity Week – Day 3


This morning, we have been creating our own board games. We have researched board games using the internet to see the designs, and we have also played games to get an idea of features we like (like miss a turn) and would like to put in our own. We used the laptops to collect images which we then printed, cut out and stuck on. We created our games on big pieces of sugar paper. Then,most importantly, we tested them out to make sure they worked. We could make changes and fix any problems as we went.

We have all had a go at playing each other’s games and they’re all great!

Curriculum News

Year 1 are learning all about animals .

Welcome back and a happy new year !

The children were very excited to find out about their new topic by finding  small animals in cornflake boxes. In English we will be reading ‘There’s a Lion in my cornflakes’ by Michelle Robinson.We will be writing letters to characters . We will also be writing a non chronological report about animals . Finally we will read ‘A Tiger who came to tea’ By Judith Kerr and write our own versions.

In Maths we will be learning Place Value and  Addition and Subtraction. We will be learning 2d Shape and Fractions .

In Science we will learn all about animals and how they survive. We will make moving animals pictures In Design and Technology.

Please ensure your child  has  a  P.e  kit in school . Remember to listen to your child read daily.