Team Day

What an amazing afternoon we had recently, when Blue team now known as Aderin-Pocock met together to start our campaign to win the Team Cup!!!

I have to say that it was not a quiet afternoon and we raised the roof with our new chant. A little more rapping is needed before we go public, but it is very inspirational – Well done Mr Maloney for writing it but even more congratulations should go to the enthusiasm of the children!!

We spent some time finding out about Maggie Aderin-Pocock and learnt that she found school quite difficult, but the main thing was not to give up but to keep on trying to achieve. She is an amazing example of someone with a growth mindset – she made many mistakes but learnt from every one of them.

We made some beautiful stars using lollipop sticks, glue, blue paint and ….glitter. See them decorating our display board in the hall. We also had a go at making telescopes ( Aderin-Pocock being an astronomer).

But the fun didn’t stop there. We learnt to sign too!

It was a fantastic afternoon and you can see from our team photo how much fun we all had. Can’t wait for the next one!

Go AP (Aderin-Pocock)

Photos to follow so watch this space for more news of our team.


Year 4 Homework ~ Friday 29th Sept

Year 4 Homework ~ Friday 29th Sept

Homework is set on a Friday and due on Wednesday

It can be handed in earlier though if you want to! J

Aut 1 Wk4 Homework (Column Subtractions)

1) This week’s spellings to learn / practise handwriting will be:

Spelling Word Practise No.1 Practise No.2 Practise No.3 Practise No.4
Check them Score    /5 Score    /5 Score    /5 Score    /5

2) Complete your times tables practise for this week… (Remember which Badger you are on)

Check this using your times tables grid in the back of your Homework book.


x 2 5 9 4 10 12 7 3 8 6 11 Score



What times table are you on?




x 2 5 9 4 10 12 7 3 8 6 11 Score



What times table are you on?




3) 3) Calculate these column subtraction maths questions into your homework book. Check them with a calculator if you can and edit them if you need to…                  eg…


(Make sure you show workings!)

1) 438 – 217 =                                              4) 753 – 182 =

2) 648 – 145 =                                              5) 4629 – 1188 =

3) 257 – 119  =                                             6) 9724 – 2705 =


Explorer Dome Year 6

Today (28th September) Year 6 were visited by Explorer Dome who brought their mobile planetarium to teach us about light. We have been learning about light in our science topic and so we were excited to hear that we would be taking part in a workshop where we played with light and dark, colours of light and different types of lights such as UV.
The effects of light amazed us and we were able to see for ourselves how light travels in straight lines using steam. We will take all of our new knowledge about light into our science lessons where we are making periscopes.
The presenters said “The children at Holbrook Primary School have been great, really enthusiastic and they had some good questions about science!”