Clownfish – Spring 2


Dear Parents and carers,

Welcome back to school after a soggy half term. I am looking forward to the first signs of spring and some nicer weather.


Last half term was very busy after the Christmas break. Year 4 children were amazing ambassadors for the school on their residential at Fairthorne Manor, they were adventurous and keen to try lots of new things whether it was abseiling or carrot and coriander soup! Year 6 wowed their parents with some excellent monster dance and their gruesome Frankenstein writing. Year 2 showed their charitable nature and held a sale for ‘Build A School’ following their work looking at life in Kenya raising £185. Year 3 were exploring life at Hogwarts and produced some excellent newspaper articles and diary entries written as either a witch or wizard. Some even tried to write as Draco Malfoy. Meanwhile, Year 5 have been exploring what it is like in Space and writing some haikus about getting old! They are well worth a read. Year 1 have been busy learning about African animals and enjoying the drum workshops along with the Year 1 classes at Bedenham. Finally, Year R have been celebrating Chinese New Year and enjoying ordering meals at their in class Chinese take away. They have been practising their chop sticks skills too!


This half term promises to be just as busy! Please enjoy the newsletters blogs to read more about what your child has been getting up to and what is coming up for them this half term.

I look forward to seeing lots of you in school again this half term, your support is very important to your children.


Mrs Zoë Dudley

Head of School.


Year 2

Clownfish Class have thoroughly enjoyed our recent ‘Spot the Difference’ Geography topic where we learnt all about Kenya. We learnt about two children who live in Kenya by looking at photos of their homes and school. Some schools in Kenya have no walls, very limited resources and the children are taught in very large classes. We decided that we would like to hold a sale to raise money to send to a charity called ‘Build a School’ to help improve the conditions of schools in Africa. We bought in cakes, toys and games that we no longer play with and books to sell. We made £185 to send to the charity. Thank you for your support (and yummy cakes!)


We also had two cross federation African theme mornings where the children from Yr 1 and 2 at Holbrook and Bedenham got together to share some learning activities. We had a visitor who taught us how to play the djembe drums. We found out that you can make different kinds of sounds by hitting the drums in different places. We created some African beaded necklaces and some Savannah sunset paintings. We also played some traditional African playtime games – our favourite one was where we had to run away from someone who was pretending to be a hungry mambo snake.


In the second half of the Spring term, we will be working on a Science based topic called ‘Grow for It!’ We will be investigating what conditions seeds and plants needs in order to grow. In DT, we will be learning how to create moving pictures on the theme of Spring. In RE, we will be learning all about the ‘Easter Story’.


We returned to school after half term with an amazing Book Week. Clownfish Class enjoyed meeting a story teller called Michael O’Leary and we all looked fantastic on book character dress up day. Thank you for coming in to share some ‘Books at Breakfast’. In class, we shared a wordless book called ‘The Journey’. It was a story about an imaginative girl who found a special red crayon which she used to create adventures and to escape from dangers.


Mrs Gates Up-date

Mrs Gates was hoping to return to work this half term however, she has now broken her leg in three places and is going to be immobile for some time while it mends. Miss Stedman and Mrs Pullan will carry on teaching the Clownfish Class as before.



Homework is given out on Fridays and should be returned to school by the following Wednesday at the latest. Please help your child to learn their spellings, regularly listen to them read books and work on learning their 2, 5 and 10xs tables off by heart. If they already know these facts, please work on the related division facts for these tables. Being able to tell the time is also an important skill that your child could work on at home. Please talk to them about and help to recognise the times when they carry out their daily routines. By the end of Year 2, children should be able to tell half past, quarter past, quarter to times and the 5 minute interval times on clocks.


PE days will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

If your child wears earrings, please ensure that they are removed for PE days or that they have tape available to cover their ears. Spring doesn’t seem in any hurry to arrive so please make sure that your child has suitably warm clothes and correctly fitting PE shoes for outdoor PE sessions.


Book Week

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Wow! What a week it has been. We have spent the week celebrating books and exploring new authors. Each class has based their learning around a wordless book, exploring the illustrations to find the meaning of the story.

We have bought new books, dressed up as book characters and even met authors. This week we really have all put a lot of effort into reading for enjoyment and long may it last!

We would like to thank our parents who joined Ks1 for a book and breakfast and Ks2 for an afternoon tea and read. It was lovely seeing the children share a good book over a cup of juice and a biscuit. Here is what some of our lovely visitors said:

“It was lovely to come into the classroom and hear my child read. Nice opportunity to see inside Alice’s classroom. Good idea!”

“It was lovely to be able to enjoy some time in school with the children. Great to interact with the teacher and the children – 5 star!”

“Very welcoming. Nice to spend time with the kids. Great biscuits and squash .”

Our book challenge this year was to build a book in a box and by Friday, our hall was filled with them. A lot of thought, time and creativity clearly went into showing favourite characters and settings from the children’s chosen books. Well done to our winners: Indi, Oscar, Georgie, Jessica, Leon, Jazzmine, Donna, Alisha, Ella-May, Ollie and Xander!

Our assembly was quite extraordinary on Friday with a hall packed with princesses, superheroes, wizards, villains and even our very own dictionary! The teachers took their time to have a good look at the characters and choose a winner from each phase. Well done to our winners Tyler, Katie and Holly!

Good Learners Assembly – January 26th!

This week, children across Holbrook received awards for their hard work in  subjects across the curriculum. A big thank you to all of the parents who came along to good learners today, to make the event even more special for the children.

This excellent work included some superb poetry on Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake poem – watch it here! Other children were presented with certificates for their writing of an African folk tale, including using unknown words and not giving up! Some children had even done further writing work at home to consolidate their Year 6 work, showing great dedication. Other children completed writing based on the Piano work in Year 5, while children in KS1 were presented with awards for being welcoming to children from Bedenham who joined pupils for an African drumming concert!

At the same time, other children were awarded certificates for their reading at home…

Bronze Reading Certificates were awarded to: Layla S, Maisie A and Liam H

Silver Reading Certificates were awarded to: William G


Housepoints this week were won byHawking (Red) = 423 points

Attenborough (Green) = 275 points

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Aderin-Pocock (Blue) =  375 points

Turing (Yellow) = 325 points

[Written by Mr Thorns]

Good Learners Assembly ~ January 19th 2018

This week, children across Holbrook received awards for their hard work in  subjects across the curriculum. A big thank you to all of the parents who came along to good learners today, to make the event even more special for the children.

This excellent work included perseverance in Maths working with averages and solving problems, labeling skeletons in Science, improving their handwriting and concentrating exceptionally well in lessons.

At the same time, other children were awarded certificates for their reading at home…

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Year 2 Newsletter Spring 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,


After a packed last couple of weeks at school, I hope that you all had a restful and happy Christmas and that your children are looking forward to being back in school and starting the new term with enthusiasm.

The children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 performed fantastically in their nativity show at the end of last term, they all joined together to make a great end to our Autumn term. There was plenty of talent to be seen at the first “Holbrook’s got talent show” too and those who performed did so with enthusiasm. Well done to all of those who took part, you impressed everyone watching.

There is plenty of other talent on show around the school as well; the Year 2 NASA space buggies in the library and the Year 6 clay faces art gallery demonstrate the wide range of talents which your children impress us with on a day to day basis.

This term, we look forward to welcoming another Olympic athlete to inspire the children and some cross School activities with our Federated school, Bedenham. Look out for more details in your child’s Year group blog.

Happy New Year to you!


Mrs Zoë Dudley                                                                    Mrs Tracy Potter

Head of School                                                                     Executive Headteacher


Last term in Clownfish Class

The children in Year 2 worked hard during the Autumn term and particularly enjoyed their Space topic. We had a fantastic time at INTECH on our school trip. We learnt all about space exploration and the first moon landing in History and enjoyed designing and making some amazing moon buggies in DT. Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our Christmas ‘Stay and Play’ – the resulting Christmas decorations made the classroom look very festive.


This Half Term

In the coming half term, Clownfish Class are working on a Geography based topic called ‘Spot the Difference’. We will be comparing aspects of everyday life in Gosport with how people live in some areas of Kenya. In particular, we will be learning about school life in both countries. We will also be finding out more about African culture in general. We will be learning some African folks tales in English and studying weaving from Uganda in Art before we complete some weaving of our own.  Also, our Keystage 1 classes will be joining up across the Federation for a couple of African themed mornings. These will include African drumming workshops led by a visiting Music specialist. Clownfish Class will be able to share all the things we have learnt in our ‘Spot the Difference’ topic in  our class assembly on Friday, 9th February, 2018.



In addition to daily reading at home with an adult and learning weekly spelling words, homework tasks will continue to come home on Fridays and should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday. Helping and supporting your child with their home learning is really important. The tasks sent home reflect the current learning in class or might be a pre-learning task.

Please feel free to research and find out more about Kenya at home. We would like to share any interesting facts that you find out with the rest of the class.



This half term, PE sessions will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school. They may want to bring in an extra sweatshirt and jogging bottoms for our outdoor sessions now that the weather is cold and wintry. They will need plimsolls or trainers for outdoor PE.


Year 2 SATs – End of Keystage 1 Assessments


All children in Year 2 in England will be completing SATs assessments in May 2018.These assessments, alongside on-going class work, help teachers to judge if children are working towards the expected standard, at the expected standard or at greater depth. We will be holding a parent workshop before half term to explain more about SATs, how we approach them with the children and we will show you some of the previous SATs papers so that you can see the expectations. We will also explain how parents can support and help their children. Please avoid booking time off from school for your child during May. Further details about the information workshop to follow soon.

Best wishes for 2018.

Miss Stedman

Clownfish Class Teacher

Aderin-Pocock Team Day

Well the BLUE team did it again!

When Mrs Landon arrived back from wherever she had disappeared off to,she was amazed to see everyone working so hard on their creative activities. There was a calm industrious feeling in all the classrooms with children (and adults) all making glittery stars, pine cones and bows so that Aderin-Pocock’s hoops look like a ‘Winter Wonderland’.

Please enjoy them when you come into school to join in our Sing-a-long at the end of term.

The children also learnt how to sign the song too. All in one short morning – how amazing are they?? And the wonderful Mr Moloney was too; singing, dancing and signing all the way through.Mr Burt and Mrs Archer did a fantastic job of tidying up afterwards – ably helped by Alisha and Ruby… you wouldn’t have known anything had been going on…well almost (our classrooms might still be glittery in May!!). A huge thank you should go out to Mrs Shephard and Mrs White who were last seen putting the hoops together..patience of a saint comes to mind!

Not only did the team produce some fantastic artwork and learn how to sign a new song, they also had to contend with a fire practice! They all left the building in a quiet sensible fashion with little noise. This was quite an experience as most people were not where they would normally be but were still able to line up outside quickly and quietly. Well done all.

A big thanks and a pat on the back to all those in Aderin-Pocock – yet another very successful team morning.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas – have a great time over the holidays…not long left!

[Written by Mrs Landon]

NSPCC – Speak Out & Stay Safe Assembly!

This morning, our assembly was led by the NSPCC who spoke to the school about speaking out and keeping safe.

The volunteer also spoke to the school about coping with their worries and making sure that they knew a trusted adult to go to during a worry or concern. Children also discussed what type of worries children might have, including keeping safe out and about and making sure that we protect ourselves from harm too.

Image result for NSPCC buddy


This Friday, children across the school will be wearing their Christmas jumpers and joining in with the Big-Buddy-Danceathon, listening to Christmas tunes across the day and dancing along with our friends, to remember the NSPCC’s message.

The children received information on different types of abuse, including bulllying online too and how they could contact ChildLine to seek help and advice for their worry or concern.

If you are concerned or worried about anything from this morning’s assembly, please speak to your teacher or an adult that you feel you might be happy to speak with.

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[Written by Mr Thorns]