The National Literacy Trust Event at Whitely

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NLT_Logo_150Year 4,5 and 6 visited Whitely Shopping Centre for their final event where they were lucky enough to receive their final free book, listen to a mythical story from a fascinating storyteller and tour the projection room at the cinema!

We would like to thank Hana from The National Literacy Trust and Darren from Whitely Shopping centre for arranging the events and for allowing us to be part of the scheme which has enabled the children to feel excited about reading and about choosing books to take home and read.




Celebration Assembly – Friday 8th June

Today, children across the school celebrated their achievements, with the Reception classes joining us too for their first celebration assembly today.

Great ideas from children in Year 2 with their English writing, while other children were awarded praise for their hard work in sessions supporting other learners along the way. Some children were rewarded for their efforts in classroom, while others celebrated their determination to attend school, even when feeling a little under the weather!

Alongside this, children were praised for their hard work on difficult topics such as time and digital clock work, as well as applying themselves to a range of lessons across the curriculum. Year R children received celebration praise for their kind work with others, not giving up and choosing sensible learning along the way! Year 5 pupils also received praise for their new work using the online “Third Space” Maths learning programme.

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Blast Off Music Visits Holbrook!

Today, as part of our music day at Holbrook, children across the school had Related imagean opportunity to take part in orchestra music sessions with Rich from Royal Hospital School, who showed us a range of instruments, their notes and their capabilities in assembly.

Later in the day, children had the chance to play p-bones (a plastic version of a trombone) and a p-buzz as well, joining in with a performance at the end of the day as well.Image result for p buzz free image

We were extremely lucky to have Rich visit us today, sharing his amazing musical skills and sharing this with our school, giving the children an opportunity to share this on a wonderful musical extravaganza!

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[Written by Mr Thorns]


Books Turned into Films! The National Literacy Trust Event





Year 4, 5 and 6 took part in their second National Literacy Trust event which promotes reading for pleasure. The children enjoyed a day reading and exploring books which have been turned into films as well as receiving their very own book which they chose themselves.

Year Six dealt with the mature concepts and themes of The Hunger Games. They compared a battle scene from the book to its film version, thinking about how tension was created in both. Some of the children chose this book and are now extremely excited about reading it.

Year Five read and watched the story of Jumanji, using questioning to predict and make inferences. They made their own rhymes and used their imagination to create a part of the game. Some were rather scary!

Year Four focussed on the classic story of The Jungle Book and used the graphic novel version to sequence the story and write as the authors.

We would like to thank The National Literacy Trust and Whitely Shopping centre again for making this event possible and for allowing the children to choose and own their own books. We look forward to the final event based in Whitely Shopping Centre in June!



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Year 4’s Trip to The Palace! (Roman not Buckingham)

Just before the Easter break, which seems such a long time ago, Year 4 had the exciting opportunity of visiting Fishbourne Roman Palace near Chichester, West Sussex.

Discovered in 1960, it is the largest Roman residence north of the Alps, built in approximately 75AD, only 30 years after the Romans invaded Great Britain.

Year 4 pupils did not let the typical British weather dampen their spirits and enjoyed a day filled with investigation, games and mosaic bingo. One highlight was the opportunity to dress up as slaves and learn new (or rather ancient) skills and play with toys which don’t require a charger. Two lucky slaves even got promoted to the dizzy heights of royalty! 086062057

In the potting shed the children found a very grumpy gardener, not at all happy about his new role: statues, fountains and box hedging, what a waste of time. 093

The main attraction was, of course, the beautiful decorative mosaics, the most famous being Cupid on a dolphin, which is located in the north wing. In total, the palace consisted of approximately 100 rooms and a short film brought the palace back to life for the children who could see its wealth and splendour. An excellent way to imagine themselves in situ whilst studying their Roman life topic back at school.096

Written by Miss Brenton

Summer 1 in Year 4 Pelicans

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that everyone had a good Easter break and it has been great to see the children back in school and hearing all about their holidays. The school has been a great place to be this week with the beautiful weather and everyone refreshed after their well needed break.

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Good Learners Assembly ~ 23rd March

This week, children across Holbrook received awards for their hard work in  subjects across the curriculum. A big thank you to all of the parents who came along to good learners today, to make the event even more special for the children.

Some children were awarded certificates for their work in English, including excellent resilience with handwriting – as well as a special award for always giving their best in all subjects.

Others were presented with certificates for their History writing about their trip to Hampton Court Palace. Fabulous artwork was displayed, including “castle in the sun” while another pupil was rewarded for their excellent Grizzly Bear research homework too.

Reading Champion Certificates were awarded to: Layton W (this comes with a gift voucher too!)

Bronze Reading Certificates were awarded to: Kayleigh C, Jessica D, Alfie L, Lucas, Hannah, Jasmine H-B, Brooke O

Silver Reading Certificates were awarded to: Ruby S, Tom F, Talia, Lucas

Gold Reading Certificates were awarded to: Ruby S, Tobias H, Kevin W, Ben C

Platinum Reading Certificates were awarded to: Ryder J, Kai W, Katie B, Honey P


Housepoints this week were won byHawking (Red) =  522 points

Attenborough (Green) =  216 points

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Aderin-Pocock (Blue) =   348 points

Turing (Yellow) =  243 points

[Written by Mr Thorns]