The Holbrook Vikings Have Landed!

Who would have thought that we had so many blood-thirsty Year 6s! On Thursday 9th February, Open Box Theatre arrived at school and proceeded to share so many interesting and rather bizarre facts about the  Vikings.

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Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!

Image result for the range

Staff at the Range welcomed year 3 with open arms to help us with our maths and science work about plants.  PImage result for plant imagesenguins spent the morning exploring the outdoor plant selection and had the chance to chat to Luke the garden centre supervisor.

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Book Week Year Six!

During book week, Year 6 studied Anthony Browne’s Image result for voices in the parkfamous picture book ‘Voices in the Park’. Did you know that Anthony Browne is his own illustrator? This is because Browne believes a lot of the story can be told through pictures. As detectives, we searched for many clues in his illustrations to find out more about the characters.

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Book Week in KS1

What a fantastic week we had! We were so a boy, a girl and a bookimpressed with the incredible hats that came in to school for the competition, thank you so much for taking the time to design and create a hat with your child, they were very proud of them. Children have been enjoying reading, ‘The Cat in The Hat’ and wrote some wonderful poems that they shared across the school after being inspired by Dr Seuss.

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Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Year 1 and 2 have recently have been trying out new ways to make phonics exciting.

Today we teamed up to play who wants to be a millionaire. The children had to work together to identify the correct phonics and compete with other teams. This week we have been focusing on split vowel digraphs.

Well done to Team A, who won with 5 team points and excellent split vowel digraph knowledge.

[Written by Mrs Pullan]