Assembly to start Down Syndrome Awareness Week…

This morning, children in KS2 were joined in assembly by special visitors
from our local community, to tell us a little bit more about Down Image result for down syndrome awareness daySyndrome and how it affects children in our school. The children saw a video on the differences that some pupils in our school might face, as a result of having Down Syndrome. If you want to re-watch the video, you can view it by clicking here…

Mrs Mell and Mrs Rix (who are both parents of children with Down Image result for down syndromeSyndrome in our school) were very kind in visiting assembly to share their knowledge with us. Children were able to learn more about Down Syndrome and how it can affect their friends, as well as having a fantastic opportunity to ask questions to the Mums…

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Year 3 Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Year 3 were delighted to be crowned winners in the Bug Club reading challenge. As a reward, Penguins were thrown a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. What a party it was!  The children spent the afternoon enjoying a picnic in the class and didn’t even save any food for their teachers! 😦

[Written by Mrs Gates]

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!

Image result for the range

Staff at the Range welcomed year 3 with open arms to help us with our maths and science work about plants.  PImage result for plant imagesenguins spent the morning exploring the outdoor plant selection and had the chance to chat to Luke the garden centre supervisor.

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Book Week in KS1

What a fantastic week we had! We were so a boy, a girl and a bookimpressed with the incredible hats that came in to school for the competition, thank you so much for taking the time to design and create a hat with your child, they were very proud of them. Children have been enjoying reading, ‘The Cat in The Hat’ and wrote some wonderful poems that they shared across the school after being inspired by Dr Seuss.

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Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Year 1 and 2 have recently have been trying out new ways to make phonics exciting.

Today we teamed up to play who wants to be a millionaire. The children had to work together to identify the correct phonics and compete with other teams. This week we have been focusing on split vowel digraphs.

Well done to Team A, who won with 5 team points and excellent split vowel digraph knowledge.

[Written by Mrs Pullan]

Starfish Visit Bedenham!

On Wednesday 1st March, we went to Bedenham to take part in ‘Fedaread’ activities. We had great fun playing rhyming games and making up our own stories using props. We also had some free time to explore the inside and outside provision.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of the visit!

[Written by Mrs Messem & Mrs Stickler]