Amazing Artwork by Year 6 !

This term Year 6 have been learning about an artist called Norval Morriseau.

Image result for norval morrisseau

In art we have been using different materials to draw pictures with wax crayons then we used ink to fill in the empty spaces. You can find more examples of his work by Googling his name. Which is your favourite piece of his work and why – leave a comment below!

[Written by Charlotte C – Digital Leader]


Year 6 Art Gallery on the Trees Outside!

Year 6 have been inspired by British artist David Gosling who is an environmental artist. To begin with, the children used their sketching skills to create portraits of Vikings, they studied the shape, proportion and position of the facial features in order to create realistic sketches. The children then practised creating small sdscf3924culptures with clay in order to find the best techniques to mould and shape the medium.

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