Wales Update 5 ~ A Final Installment!

Hello to all, from another amazingly picturesque morning in the Welsh Hills. Image result for big pit

Image result for big pit

This morning, children have been re-charged for the day with another hearty breakfast, before setting off on their final adventures for the week. Today, the children have visited “Big Pit” coal mine, where children will explore the mine with a hands-on experience to gain an insight into the life of the coal workers.

A huge thank you, to all of the many parents who have helped to make the trip run smoothly by packing appropriate kit, supporting the school and contributing to help make the adventure a success. We hope that the Blogs have been a positive means of finding out what’s been going on this week… it has been lovely to see so many parents viewing them.

With a sad final goodbye, as we set off back towards home…

Bye for now, from all in the Welsh Hills…

[Written by Mr Thorns, with thanks for the updates from Mrs Sivier and Mrs Landon]

Wales Update Number 4!

Hello to all from Wales again!

Well, another action packed day, filled with hiking, more canoeing and the ever treacherous cave walking!

As you can see from the pictures, spirits are still high as we approach the final day of the adventure, with children eager to give their all on the final activities. IT has been a glorious day with the weather again being kind to us, which was ideal for the activities in today’s line-up!

Last night saw evening activities include a games night, with children taking part in jenga, cards, dominoes and twister, as well as a full table tennis tournament!

Miss Trenchard’s canoe group were singing pirates of the Caribbean theme tune whilst paddling at top speed (faster than the other groups we might add!)

Once again, we are forced to report that the Welsh wilderness has again taken a toll on Mrs Landon, who fell over in the cave walking and banged her knees – whilst trying hard not to look like Michael Jackson’s thriller dance in the process!!

Whilst amidst all of this madness, Mrs Sivier’s hiking group walked 2.6 miles in 3 hrs 10 mins up the side of a large Welsh mountain (well, a hill actually)! Let’s just say we smashed the Resi award for hill climbing!

Sadly, we are already now approaching a final sleep before the journey home tomorrow, after a journey to Big Pit along the way…

Bye for now, from all in the Welsh Hills!

[Written by Mr Thorns, with updates from Mrs Landon & Mrs Sivier]

Fairthorne Update Number 1…

Hello from Fairthorne! Image result for Fairthorne Manor
Day 1:
We arrived and explored the park with the weather generally holding for us too! Plenty of mud Related imageand big puddles to splash in though.
Lunch was great – they had made some tomato soup which lots of us tried and which warmed us up ready for the afternoon.
First we had orienteering which was fast and gave us time to explore further. Then we had camouflage lessons where lots of us got very muddy. Ninja squirrel and sardines finished the afternoon.
Chicken kebabs for tea then wide games to finish the evening – leaving many of us exhausted and ready for a good night’s rest!
Keep an eye out for future updates in the coming days!
Goodbye for now, from all at Fairthorne!
[Written by Mrs Dudley & Mr Thorns]

Coming Soon Wales/Year 6 !

Year 6 are due to be visiting Wales on June 5th.Image result for welsh flag

This is going to be for our last school trip at Holbrook we are going Mountain Climbing, Caving and Canoeing. This will be a hair-raising experience for the children who are going to stay in wooden cabins in the mountains!

We will be travelling by mini-buses or coaches and are looking forward to trying different activities and making new friendships along the way.

[Written by Jake S -dolphins]

Year 6 Visit Moors Valley Country Park!

On Tuesday 16th May, Year 6 visited Moors Valley Country Park where they took part in an orienteering workshop. The children enjoyed moving around a grid using their own individual maps, not becoming confused about which direction was North and ensuring that they didn’t bump into each other!

They then moved on to reading more complex maps where they were competing against each other to find key spots around the area and to bring back the letters found in order to win! The children were then taken on a forest walk, using their maps to navigate the way. Once at the destination, the children’s map reading skills were put to the test in team relays.

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Year 4 Minstead Celebration Assembly!

This morning, children from across Year 4 (under the careful guidance of Mr Burt) gave an assembly about their adventure to Minstead recently. The children recounted how they had journeyed into the foggy New Forest, hurdling the Ditch of Doom and the group’s encounters with donkeys,


Others told the school about their nature name necklaces (with their Latin names) and recalled the singing, dancing and passing of the great Thenga stick – much to the delight of the watching classes from the rest of the school!


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