Jellyfish Class Assembly!

This morning, children from Jellyfish class in Year dscf26982
performed their class assembly to the school and parents. Children presented about their work on “Hotwheels” and vehicles in history!

Pupils explained how seeing the vehicles at Beaulieu Motor Museum had helped
them to investigate how vehicles had developed over thImage result for beaulieue years – from the penny farthing to the famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car!

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Egyptian Theatre at Holbrook!

Today, children across Year 4 and 5 took part The Openbox Theatre Companyin an OpenBox
Theatre Workshop, based on the Egyptians. Workshop team (Ken and Alma) explored life in Ancient Egypt with the children… recapping the learning from our History work before providing children with a chance┬áto take part in daily life back in Egyptian times.

Children were given the opportunity to dress up in Ancient Egyptian outfits while learning about the Egyptians. Covering topics such as oatmeal-deodorant, dung beetles, Ra and even animal-fat-perfume, children were enthralled by the many topics covered by the OpenBox team!


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