Awesome Adventure Trip To Moors Valley!

On Tuesday 16 may 2017, Year 6 went on an adventure to Moors Valley Country park. It was an amazing experience and I would defiantly Image result for moors valleyrecommend families to go and take their dogs for a walk. We had an amazing, unforgettable day. We learnt how to use a map, did relay races and also took part in orienteering.

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Maths Open Morning at Holbrook!

Last week saw parents and carers from across the school visit us for an Open Maths Morning, joining Image result for mathstheir children in lessons and learning a little bit about what Maths lessons are like here at Holbrook.

First, parents were offered an opportunity to see some of the methods taught to pupilsĀ at the school, before joining their children in lessons and working alongside them through the morning. Children were delighted to be sharing their methods and learning with their friends and family, with several parents jointly teaching the children alongside the staff, while others learnt a new trick or two with their calculations!

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Cluster School Maths Competition!

This afternoon, children from year 3 – 6 Image result for mathsattended a cluster school’s Maths competition, working with their friends form other year groups to solve a range
of tricky problems.

Racing against time, pupils had to solve a variety of mathematical challenges on a whole host of different puzzle, logic and calculation tasks.

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