Team Day

What an amazing afternoon we had recently, when Blue team now known as Aderin-Pocock met together to start our campaign to win the Team Cup!!!

I have to say that it was not a quiet afternoon and we raised the roof with our new chant. A little more rapping is needed before we go public, but it is very inspirational – Well done Mr Maloney for writing it but even more congratulations should go to the enthusiasm of the children!!

We spent some time finding out about Maggie Aderin-Pocock and learnt that she found school quite difficult, but the main thing was not to give up but to keep on trying to achieve. She is an amazing example of someone with a growth mindset – she made many mistakes but learnt from every one of them.

We made some beautiful stars using lollipop sticks, glue, blue paint and ….glitter. See them decorating our display board in the hall. We also had a go at making telescopes ( Aderin-Pocock being an astronomer).

But the fun didn’t stop there. We learnt to sign too!

It was a fantastic afternoon and you can see from our team photo how much fun we all had. Can’t wait for the next one!

Go AP (Aderin-Pocock)

Photos to follow so watch this space for more news of our team.


Maths Morning – from Mrs Landon!

Maths Morning Thursday 30th March 2017

Who knew we had so many clever mathematicians at Holbrook Primary School? Well, we certainly found out during our Maths morning on Thursday.

The children had hand written some very neat invitations asking parents and carers to come in and share ‘how we do maths these days’…. and what a turnout we had! Image result for maths

Some of the teachers spent a very quick half hour showing the parents the different strategies and methods we use to help children understand maths and number system and why we teach their children these methods. I think I could say quite confidently that some parents went away understanding much more how it has changed since we were at school and how they can help their children more at home. Many, many thanks for the show of support – we were slightly surprised but thrilled to see so many of you.

Once this had finished, the parents made their way into class and joined their children as part of the lesson. There was a lot of problem solving going on which certainly challenged some of the adults (teachers included) as well as the children. As usual, there was a lot of talk between everyone which is to be expected when discussing problems and hearing the mathematical language being used was an added bonus.

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University of Portsmouth Visit Holbrook!

As part of the “Up for Juniors” key stage 2 project, children were visited today by staff UP For Juniors Logoand students from the University of Portsmouth. Pupils within Year 5 were introduced to a little snippet of University life and were encouraged to, even at this early stage in their lives, have aspirations and ambitions beyond their horizons.

Children took part in an amazing interactive voting experience, using hand-held electronic devices to give their thoughts and opinions on university life. Then, within mixed groups, they spent the morning engaged in four exciting activities.

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Assembly to start Down Syndrome Awareness Week…

This morning, children in KS2 were joined in assembly by special visitors
from our local community, to tell us a little bit more about Down Image result for down syndrome awareness daySyndrome and how it affects children in our school. The children saw a video on the differences that some pupils in our school might face, as a result of having Down Syndrome. If you want to re-watch the video, you can view it by clicking here…

Mrs Mell and Mrs Rix (who are both parents of children with Down Image result for down syndromeSyndrome in our school) were very kind in visiting assembly to share their knowledge with us. Children were able to learn more about Down Syndrome and how it can affect their friends, as well as having a fantastic opportunity to ask questions to the Mums…

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Makaton Magic Mesmerises the Children at Holbrook!

Image result for royalty free pictures rainbow

Children in both Key stage 1 and 2 have now started to develop their Makaton signing skills as we prepare for our ‘Colours of Inclusion day’. On Friday 31st March children will be celebrating the fantastic Inclusive ethos of our school by participating in classroom activities, a signing and singing performance and a yummy cake sale!

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Year R Information on Facebook…

Year R Information, celebrations and some interesting pictures of our learning can be found here by clicking this link or on the image below…

Feel free to follow their progress on Facebook or on our new HolbrookBlogs website…


[Written by Mr Thorns ~ I.T & Computing Manager]

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[Written by Mr Thorns ~ I.T & Computing Manager]